एउटा खुट्टा गुमाएकी निलमको कहाली लाग्दो जीवन भोगाई, सुनेर कसको मन नरोला !


Neelam Dhungana, a proud Nepali daughter, first breathed on the Earth on 9th Baisakh, 2049 B.S. from gratified parents like Khuma Devi Dhungana and Dadhiram Dhungana in Terathum. Happily lived with her husband Balram Basnet in Morang. Presently seen in Kathmandu.She lost her age at around the age of 15 when she and her friend were hit by a truck- her friend lying dead on the spot and she to have been through a different perspective of life after that.हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

साभार : tanahunpost

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